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Wildcat Foil Special Edition

Wildcat Foil Special Edition signed paperback

Dropping out of college and moving back in with my parents was not the plan I laid out for myself. But here I am, working whatever jobs I can find until I figure out what I want to do with my life. It doesn’t help things that my ex-boyfriend is splashed all over ESPN winning trophies like he isn’t the least bit heartbroken.
So when I meet Leo and he makes me forget about the mess of my life, I don’t think twice. Or ask enough questions.
Because the cute guy I went home with isn’t just some guy. He’s Leo Lohan, star forward for the Wildcat hockey team.
Everyone knows not to trust too handsome for their own good hockey players. Especially when your dad is the coach.
My parents are already disappointed in me, and Leo has a lot on the line with the team, so no one can find out. And it definitely can’t happen again.

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